Arm Lift (Brachioplasty)

The warm weather in North Texas means many people have opportunities to wear short sleeves and put their arms on display, so there are often cosmetic reasons for wanting to reduce arm flabbiness or excess skin. A carefully planned procedure will offer immediate results.

Since an arm lift is a highly complex body-contouring procedure, the plastic surgeons at UT Southwestern Medical Center take your overall objectives and health into consideration, while keeping patient safety in mind.

Our plastic surgeons have the experience and surgical skills to effectively remove excess fat and skin from the arms. During an initial consult, we talk with patients about their overall health and expectations. We then evaluate key factors, such as the elasticity of your arm, the location and amount of excess skin, the amount of fatty tissue to be removed, as well as age and lifestyle. An algorithmic approach is then applied to tailor the arm lift. 

Options for this procedure may include excision surgery and/or liposuction. For some patients, liposuction may be the most appropriate option to improve the shape of the arm. This procedure relies on good skin elasticity. It is often a good option for younger patients who do not have excessive loose skin or sagging, and particularly those with moderate fatty tissue.

Arm Lift Options

Traditional arm lift
Surgeon removes a larger amount of skin and fatty tissue, going from the armpit to the elbow. This is the most effective option for patients with more significant amounts of excess skin, as well as fat, on the entire upper arm.
Extended arm lift
Surgeon removes fatty tissue and loose skin underneath the arm, but also addresses any concerns related to areas on the side of the body.
Hidden arm lift (limited incision brachioplasty)
Sometimes used with liposuction. The surgical incision can be made in the crease of the underarm. This may be an effective option for patients with moderate amounts of fat and loose skin.
Liposuction only
Can be used to reshape the arm for some patients. It requires a small incision and short recovery time. Typically, this works best for patients with good skin elasticity, little to no excess skin, and a small amount of fat.

If You Are Considering An Arm Lift

The procedure is individualized based on what will be safest and most effective for you.

  • An arm lift may include a combination of procedures.
  • An arm lift can have a lasting impact, but arms will age naturally; significant weight gain or loss can have an impact.
  • To maximize results, it’s important to be within a healthy weight range for your height.