Spine Injury Rehabilitation

UT Southwestern Medical Center provides effective rehabilitation therapies for patients with spinal cord injuries to reduce complications as well as your length of stay in the hospital. 

The goals of spinal cord injury rehabilitation include helping patients adapt to their condition, adjust to daily activities, and gain increased levels of function and independence.

For many patients, rehabilitation care from spinal cord injuries begins with a carefully coordinated transition from our intensive care unit (ICU) to the rehabilitation program.

Once your condition is stabilized, our occupational and physical therapists begin a rehabilitation program tailored specifically to you. Along with physicians who are specialists in spinal cord injuries, your rehabilitation team includes nurses, neuropsychologists, psychologists, and social workers.

Our medical staff extends a wide variety of services to family members as well as patients, including psychological counseling, support groups, and educational programs that can address all questions about spinal cord injuries and rehabilitation.