Pain Management Rehabilitation

Acute, short-term pain is often a sign of injury or disease, while chronic pain is most frequently associated with conditions such as headaches, lower-back pain, or fibromyalgia, which is often characterized by pain in the back, hands, neck, shoulders, or pelvis and accompanied by fatigue or sleep disturbances.

For individuals who experience short-term or chronic pain, UT Southwestern Medical Center physicians design compassionate and expert pain management rehabilitation programs.

Our pain specialists utilize the collective experience of a team of experts to determine the right course of action for your rehabilitation program. In addition to physicians who specialize in anesthesiology, neurology, neuroradiology, and psychiatry, the rehabilitation team includes nurses, neuropsychologists, and, as appropriate, occupational, physical, and recreational therapists. After a comprehensive evaluation, they design an individual rehabilitation plan based on your unique condition and medical history.

For each patient, the intensity of pain may be minor or extreme, and may be felt at a single location or across a large area. Our specialists listen attentively to your individual concerns and needs and prescribe the appropriate rehabilitation program help you achieve the best possible results from therapy.