Infectious Diseases

UT Southwestern Medical Center’s pediatric infectious disease division was established in the early 1960s and has grown from one physician to include multiple physician members, fellows, research technicians, and research coordinators. The division provides infectious disease consultations for Children’s Medical Center Dallas and Parkland Health & Hospital System.

The division treats infectious diseases such as:

  • Bacterial meningitis
  • Child pneumonia

Our physicians provide infectious disease consultation and care to more than 700 infants and children each year. Faculty care for patients with inherited or acquired immunodeficiency, including those receiving immunosuppressive therapy for cancer, organ transplantation, bone marrow, and stem cell transplantation, as well as patients with inflammatory bowel disease, rheumatologic disorders, and a wide variety of classic, as well as unusual infectious disease problems.

The medical center’s research – which often leads to new and innovative treatments that can be applied directly to pediatric infectious disease patients –involves topics such as the clinical pharmacology, efficacy and safety of antimicrobial agents, the pathogenesis of meningeal and respiratory infections, the link between pulmonary infection and asthma, HIV/AIDS immunogenicity, and the effect of vaccines.

Pediatric infectious disease physicians at UT Southwestern also provide consultation for hospitalized and ambulatory patients with infectious disease management problems.