Joint Replacement and Reconstruction

UT Southwestern Medical Center offers world-class technology and techniques in the surgical replacement and reconstruction of the hip and knee joints – including total joint replacement, partial joint replacement, arthroscopic minimally invasive surgery, and revision surgery.

Our team includes orthopaedic surgeons that have focused their careers entirely on diagnosing and treating hip and knee problems that may have been caused by cartilage and ligament problems, injuries, inflammatory arthritis or osteoarthritis, or other issues.

UT Southwestern’s orthopaedic surgeons have helped set national quality standards regarding how joint replacement procedures should be performed. We are also among a small number of North Texas surgeons skilled at arthroscopic hip replacement, a minimally invasive procedure that requires smaller incisions and reduces recovery time for patients.  

Minimally invasive arthroplasty has received significant publicity and offers distinct benefits to patients. However, no matter how short the recovery time or small the incision, the procedure is still hip or knee replacement surgery. A skilled surgeon must perform the procedure and place the new implant. Our team is experienced with these types of procedures and technology and teaches other physicians how to perform them.

Comprehensive Treatment Plans

Our orthopaedic surgeons work with a team of specialists to create a comprehensive, personalized treatment plan. In addition, nurses; occupational, physical, and recreational therapists; and social workers work closely with our surgeons to provide patients with a viable and successful rehabilitation after surgery. After surgery, patients receive support with rehabilitation therapy, medications, exercise, and nutritional advice. This coordinated approach maximizes efforts to regain motion for long-term recovery.