Urodynamic Testing

Urodynamic testing is one strategy your UT Southwestern Medical Center physician may use to help determine the cause of your bladder or vaginal problems, a key element in developing an effective treatment plan.

If surgery is planned, identifying the exact cause of the problem permits your physician to select a surgical procedure that offers you the best chance of a long-term cure.

A urodynamic test studies your bladder and urethral function in three different situations: when your bladder is empty, when it is filling, and when it is full. During testing, your physician will try to recreate the bladder conditions that caused your symptoms. These symptoms will ideally recur during the test, so that their cause can be identified. 

Specific urodynamic tests include:

  • Measurement of the amount and rate of urine flow
  • Measurement of the amount of urine present in the bladder following urination
  • Measurement of bladder capacity and bladder pressures