High-Risk Pregnancy

If you have a high-risk pregnancy or develop a complication during your pregnancy, our maternal-fetal medicine specialists have the experience and expertise to handle the tough cases.

In North Texas, we are recognized for the care and management of women with complicated pregnancies.

We provide the full-range of services for couples concerned about inherited conditions, pregnant women who have underlying health problems, and those who develop complications during their pregnancy.  

We’re more than a maternal-fetal medicine practice. We’re a University health system where pregnant women have broad and ready access to both adult and pediatric subspecialists as well as a University Hospital with a Level IIIB NICU.

Our offices are conveniently located on the UT Southwestern campus and in the Children’s Medical Center at Legacy Ambulatory Pavilion in Plano, Texas. We welcome referrals from our community, throughout Texas, and the surrounding states.

Maternal Complications

If you are pregnant – or planning to become pregnant – and suffer from diabetes, heart disease, cystic fibrosis, multiple sclerosis, cancer, or some other disorder that might complicate your pregnancy, our maternal-fetal medicine specialists can help you.

We offer preconception and prenatal counseling to women with underlying health problems. We also care for pregnant women whose health puts them or their babies at risk for complications. Our doctors will coordinate your care and that of your baby with adult and pediatric subspecialists at UT Southwestern and Children’s Medical Center. Together, we will manage your health and that of your baby. 

Obstetrical Complications

Sometimes even healthy women develop problems like diabetes or hypertension during their pregnancy. Others experience placental abnormalities, premature rupture of the membranes, or threatened preterm labor. Still, others discover that their unborn child has a complication. What then? Where do you turn?

UT Southwestern’s maternal-fetal medicine specialists have the expertise and experience to handle these situations. Working with adult and pediatric subspecialists, we will coordinate your care and that of your baby. We will also facilitate conferences to discuss how best to manage your pregnancy. Together, you, maternal-fetal medicine specialists, neonatologists, and pediatric subspecialists from Children’s Medical Center, will develop the optimal management strategy prenatally, during delivery, and after birth. 

Our patient services include:

  • Preconception and prenatal counseling
  • First trimester genetic screening
  • Ultrasound, including 3- and 4-D, in American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine-certified facilities
  • Prenatal diagnostic testing, including amniocentesis and fetal blood sampling
  • Maternal-fetal medicine evaluation and consultation for pregnancy complications and coordination of care with adult subspecialists for women suffering from existing health problems
  • Coordination of care among adult and pediatric subspecialists at UT Southwestern and Children’s Medical Center prenatally, during delivery, and after birth
  • Specialized in utero procedures such as fetal transfusions and fetal shunt procedures. 

Coordinated Care

Our team of maternal-fetal medicine specialists works with community obstetricians to evaluate and manage complicated pregnancies. Together with adult and pediatric subspecialists, we will coordinate whatever care you or your baby may need.

Should the situation warrant a complete transfer of care, our doctors are among a few maternal-fetal medicine specialists in Dallas who also accept high-risk patients and provide total obstetrical care. 

William P. Clements University Hospital maintains a Level IIIB NICU (neonatal intensive care unit) nursery staffed by pediatric neonatologists and neonatal nurse practitioners. A Level IV NICU at nearby Children’s Medical Center Dallas cares for infants who require surgery soon after birth.

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To meet with one of our high-risk pregnancy specialists at UT Southwestern's facilities in Dallas or in Plano, or for more information about our services, request an appointment or call 214-645-8300.