Adolescent Contraception

The pediatric-adolescent gynecologists at UT Southwestern encourage all parents to talk to your teen about abstinence and contraception. Many teens become sexually active during high school, so it’s important they know about the risks of pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) before then. Our specialists can offer you guidance on having this talk and discuss safe-sex practices with your teen.

Contraception Options

We offer abstinence and contraception counseling and can present birth-control options. 

We can talk to your teen about: 

  • Condoms
  • Prescription birth control
  • Implanon and intrauterine devices
  • Emergency birth control

Request an Appointment

If you would like to discuss contraception options for your teen with one of our pediatric-adolescent gyncecologists, or for more information about our services, request an appointment or call 214-645-8300.