Disabilities can take many forms and have many causes. Left untreated or neglected, they can rob you of the ability to reach your full potential and diminish your quality of life.

UT Southwestern Medical Center can help you achieve your highest possible level of physical, functional, and cognitive independence.

We are dedicated to providing comprehensive rehabilitation, acute inpatient care, and outpatient services to our patients. With one of the largest academic physician practices in the nation, UT Southwestern is a major referral center for patients with the most complex cases requiring rehabilitation. Our commitment to being a center of excellence for rehabilitation services is exemplified by the comprehensive specialties offered at this medical center.

Our dedication to treating each patient with attentive and personalized care is complemented by our innovative work and utilization of the most advanced therapies available in the field of rehabilitation. We take complex medical information and describe it to patients in easy-to-understand terms. In addition, we also offer patients access to educational materials that will help them to learn more about surgical procedures and why they are candidates for the treatment prescribed.

Our physicians, researchers, and therapists are among the most respected in the nation, providing the medical and scientific leadership that enables us to make an important difference in the lives of our patients. Each year, our medical professionals provide care for patients during more than 500,000 office visits and 20,000 admissions.

The Rehabilitation Program is multidisciplinary with each discipline bringing a unique knowledge and skill set to the rehabilitation process. Patients and their family members are vital members of the rehabilitation team and are integrated early into the rehabilitation process assisting with goal setting and other essential management strategies.

Our dedication to providing expert and compassionate care can make an important difference in a patient’s rehabilitation and change their outlook on the future. UT Southwestern shows patients how they can achieve and maintain a level of improved functioning they may have not thought possible.