Treatment Options

Our epilepsy program provides access to the latest developments in treatments to control seizures. Available therapies offered include common strategies such as anti-epileptic drugs (AEDs) and epilepsy surgery.

We are also leaders in providing more specialized treatments, including alternative diet therapy, device implantation, immunological therapy, and hormone therapy. 

Epilepsy often can be controlled with medication. However, if your epilepsy cannot be controlled with medication, UT Southwestern Medical Center has physicians highly skilled in brain imaging, monitoring, and other advanced medical techniques to localize, and in some cases surgically remove, the focus of the seizures.

We maintain outpatient clinics as well as two inpatient Epilepsy Monitoring Units (EMU). We have an 11-bed adult EMU at Parkland Memorial Hospital and a six-bed pediatric EMU at Children’s Medical Center Dallas that are staffed by 10 epileptologists (five adult and five pediatric) and six neurosurgeons (four adult and two pediatric). 

UT Southwestern’s pediatric Epilepsy Monitoring Unit is one of the few in the nation dedicated to studying childhood epilepsy and developing new treatments.

Our adult EMU is the busiest of its kind in North Texas and one of the busiest in the southern United States. The facility allows us to continuously monitor patients with uncontrolled seizures or other conditions that mimic epileptic seizures.