Pulmonary Laboratory

The pulmonary laboratory at UT Southwestern Medical Center combines state-of-the-art testing techniques with a caring staff of lung specialists who are dedicated to helping you achieve the best possible outcome for your lung condition.


Our lung specialists use our pulmonary laboratory to precisely determine the nature of a patient’s lung disease, assess its severity, and provide the treatments needed for improved health.

The laboratory is available for inpatient and outpatient examinations, and includes comprehensive tests for lung capacity, gas exchange and analysis, stress testing, and blood-flow analysis. Our pulmonologists collaborate with laboratory staff to provide brachytherapy and interventional procedures, including rigid bronchoscopy, stent placement, and thoracoscopy.

Available Tests

Arterial blood gas measurements
To determine the level of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the blood
Diffusion measurements
To assess how lungs are able to supply oxygen to the bloodstream
Exercise-based stress testing
To evaluate any asthma or lung-related symptoms being experienced
Lung-volume measurements
To determine the quantity of air lungs can process during inhaling and exhaling
Metabolism assessments
To measure the amount of energy the body is capable of expending
Occupational lung examinations
To evaluate how occupation-related toxins or irritants may have affected the function of the lungs
Oxygen desaturation tests
To measure how exertion effects the amount of oxygen patients need for healthy lung functioning
Spirometry assessments
To determine the volume of air patients are able to inhale and exhale over a period of time