Through extensive clinical experience and innovative research programs, UT Southwestern Medical Center has consistently earned widespread respect and recognition for our excellence in the diagnosis and treatment of lung disease. Our specialists strive to provide individualized care, while delivering access to the latest medical breakthroughs in the diagnosis and treatment of lung disease.

With the right intervention, patients’ lung conditions and related symptoms can be effectively managed to improve their health and to recover a sense of well-being.

Patients are welcome to contact UT Southwestern or ask their doctor to call the physician-to-physician referral line to be put in touch with a lung specialist. We look forward to forming partnerships with patients in pursuit of improving their lung condition, overall health, and outlook on the future.

Finding the Right Pulmonologist

Finding the right pulmonologist is a critical aspect to treating your lung condition. A pulmonologist must have the expertise needed to effectively treat the condition, manage symptoms, and help control risk factors for developing any complications related to the progression of lung disease.

UT Southwestern Medical Center’s lung specialists work in conjunction with a primary care physician to coordinate your care and ensure continuity of care during diagnostic examinations, lung treatments, or surgery, as well as post-treatment pulmonary rehabilitation activities.