Top 10 Questions to Ask Your LASIK Surgeon

1: Are you the one who does the entire LASIK procedure?

The ideal answer: Yes. I perform the procedure on every eye of every patient. To do anything less would be inappropriate in my professional opinion, and introduce unacceptable risk to your eyes.

2: Do you do all of pre- and post-operative exams yourself?

The ideal answer: Yes, I conduct all pre- and post-operative exams on every patient. This care is a critical part of any responsibly done surgical procedure and should not be delegated to anyone else potentially less skilled.

3: Is this practice a “mill”?

The ideal answer: Absolutely not. We are in the profession of medicine and not a financially driven factory. Eye surgery should not be done piecemeal. Vision is too precious to put needlessly at risk to increase volume and offer cut-rate prices.

4: Is this a center that sees hundreds or thousands of patients and might treat me like I’m a number?

The ideal answer: No. While we do a significant number of patients’ eyes, this gives us the ability to both maintain our surgical skills and analyze patient outcome data to publish and advance the field.

5: Are you in the business or profession of medicine?

The ideal answer: We are absolutely in the profession of medicine with good patient visual outcomes and safety being more important than personal financial income.

6: Is your advertised price a bait and switch?

The ideal answer: No. The price that we state in any communication is the price that we will charge for the procedure, which includes a pre-operative evaluation, the procedure itself, as well as one year of post-operative care by me.

7: Do you have a medical malpractice attorney on retainer?

The ideal answer: No, as we have no need for such a thing, but we are aware of some high volume surgeons who allegedly need such an arrangement due to malpractice litigation against them.

8: Do you offer other eye care services, or do you only perform LASIK?

The ideal answer: I am in a professional ophthalmology practice that not only does a significant number of LASIK procedures but also provides care for all diseases involving the eye. We are driven by professionalism rather than a singular surgical procedure.

9: Do you analyze and publish your surgical outcomes?

The ideal answer: Yes. We have among the best and safest surgical outcomes reported in respected peer-reviewed journals by anyone, anywhere in the world.

10: Is this LASIK center/office part of an accredited facility, or affiliated with an accredited facility?

The ideal answer: Yes. Our practice is not only part of a respected academic institution but our Laser facility is affiliated with an accredited hospital, which is strictly overseen by multiple accrediting bodies.