Cardiac Rehabilitation

Cardiac rehabilitation is a critical component of your recovery and can prevent future heart disease.

UT Southwestern Medical Center’s cardiac rehabilitation specialists can make an important contribution to reducing your risk of another heart attack or need for additional surgery.

In addition, you’ll feel better about your ability to engage in daily work and recreational activities.

Cardiac Rehabilitation Tests and Exams

We work as your partner in cardiac rehabilitation and develop customized plans that make nutrition, exercise, and nicotine cessation programs an integral and more enjoyable part of your daily routine.

As a patient, you’ll receive a personalized exercise program based on your specific needs, including:

  • A precise exercise prescription
  • Blood pressure monitoring
  • Continuous electrocardiogram monitoring
  • Gradual increase in activity level
  • Peer support

Cardiac Rehabilitation Treatments

You will work with our cardiac rehabilitation specialists, who include cardiologists, registered nurses, exercise physiologists, physical therapists, registered dietitians, and pharmacists. Our cardiac rehabilitation programs are designed according to your specific needs.

We offer specialized programs for: 

By tracking your progress and providing ongoing encouragement to continue with your rehabilitation programs, our specialists provide motivation needed to overcome obstacles that stand in the way of your improved health. Our staff closely monitors your program and orders any needed follow-up tests to confirm you are on a steady path to improved health.

Patient Education

UT Southwestern’s cardiac rehabilitation specialists also provide the education and background knowledge you need to fully understand heart disease and how your efforts will have a profound effect on your continued well-being.

By working with you as your partner, our specialists can help you achieve dramatic results that include reducing hypertension and cholesterol levels, recovering from surgery, and embarking on lifestyle changes that will improve your outlook on the future.

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