Heart Care Guides

UT Southwestern’s heart specialists are experts in diagnosing and treating all heart disorders. In these guides, you’ll learn about the major types of heart conditions we treat and find out how the state-of-the-art care and support we offer can help patients live longer, healthier lives.

Adult Congenital Heart Disease
Learn about our specialized program that gives adults with congenital heart disease the diagnostic, treatment, and consultative services they need to live long, healthy lives.
Advanced Heart Failure
Our multidisciplinary program offers the latest medical and surgical treatments, including comprehensive transplant resources, to help patients with even the most challenging needs.
Coronary Artery Disease
Our heart specialists use the latest scientific insights and advanced therapies to help people with or at risk for coronary artery disease prolong and improve the quality of their lives.
Heart Rhythm Disorders
Our arrhythmia specialists combine advanced expertise and experience with the latest techniques and technologies to effectively treat every type of heart rhythm disorder.
Valve Disorders
Our doctors are experts on innovative treatments and minimally invasive surgery that can help patients recover more quickly and feel better faster.
Preventive Cardiology
Our experienced Preventive Cardiology team delivers individualized, research-based care aimed at lowering people’s risk for cardiovascular disease and its complications.