Patient Testimonials

"At 32 years old and eight months pregnant, I became ill with Ramsey Hunt Syndrome. This left the right side of my face completely paralyzed. I could not blink, smile, or move any part of that side of my face.

As the months passed, it became painfully obvious that the facial paralysis was permanent. The doctors gave me no hope of recovery. A friend suggested to my husband that we get a second opinion at UT Southwestern Dallas. They are known for their cutting edge treatments, and we hoped they might have something more to say about the facial paralysis.

After visiting their Otolaryngology Clinic, I learned there were options for people facing lifelong permanent facial paralysis. Not only were there options for making my face more symmetrical, but there was a doctor who specialized in facial reanimation surgery. 

From the first visit at UT Southwestern Plastic Surgery Clinic, it was obvious that the staff was incredibly compassionate and caring. You could tell they really understood how difficult it was to deal with this.

Once I met Dr. Shai Rozen, I was confident I was in the right place. I had found a doctor who saw cases of facial paralysis on a daily basis. I could tell that he was passionate about helping people find a better quality of life. Finally, I had found someone who could help.

I learned I was an ideal candidate for what is known as “smile surgery.” This intricate micro-surgery would give me the ability to smile again. Feeling confident about the results from other patients of Dr. Rozen, I decided I was ready to have my smile back.

Dr. Rozen was incredibly patient with my many questions and concerns leading up to surgery. I was nervous, but the staff was there for me every step of the way to encourage me and show me what a difference this was going to make in my life.

They were right. Through this surgery, Dr. Rozen has given me much more than just the ability to smile. He has given me my life back.

I am tremendously grateful for his expertise and the quality of care I received from him and his staff. I know beyond a doubt that I have seen the best of the best. Thank you, Dr. Rozen and the staff at UT Southwestern, for making it possible for me to smile again!"

- Katie Bangert


"Dr. Rozen,

As you know my medical story began in 1990 at the age of 52. I was diagnosed with an acoustic neuroma. I chose to have it treats with the Gamma Knife in Dallas.

Six months to the day after treatment, the side effects began: extreme pain in my left eye, trouble swallowing, and pain in my face. As time passed, I lost sight in my left eye and it drooped terribly. Liquid and food ran out my mouth. 

Nineteen years later, 1990, I decided to have my face cut and pulled up by a local plastic surgeon who advised me to go to UT Southwestern.

Well, that’s when I met you, Dr. Rozen. Oh, Happy day! You asked why I wanted surgery at my age and I told you “so I can smile again.”

During the past five years, you have performed numerous surgeries and the results are beyond my wildest dreams.

I can smile again!

Words are not adequate to express my gratitude. I’ll just say you’re the greatest and I love you dearly."

- Rose Anne