Diabetic Retinopathy

UT Southwestern Medical Center’s ophthalmologists specialize in diabetic retinopathy, from performing annual eye exams to medically and surgically treating the most complex cases of this condition. They strive to prevent the progression of diabetic retinopathy, which, if left untreated, can cause severe vision loss or even blindness.

Diabetic retinopathy is the No. 1 threat to vision for diabetics.

Specialized ophthalmic surgeons work closely with researchers to leverage the most effective medical technologies to both diagnose and treat patients with diabetic retinopathy. They evaluate each patient’s case, from mild to severe.

If you need surgery, ophthalmic surgeons at UT Southwestern are experts in laser surgery. Surgeons also perform vitrectomies, a microsurgical procedure sometimes performed when bleeding and scar tissue develop inside the eye from diabetic retinopathy.

UT Southwestern ophthalmologists work closely with endocrinologists, specialists who treat diabetes. Endocrinologists can help people strictly control their blood sugar to avoid diabetic retinopathy.