Contact Lens

The Optometry Program at UT Southwestern Medical Center specializes in the latest contact lenses and has access to materials not available in national chain stores.

Our optometrists first evaluate a patient’s potential to successfully wear contact lenses. If the patient is a good candidate, the optometrist then creates a computerized topographic map of each eye to select and fit the lenses. The final design is only ordered once the trial lenses fit correctly.

UT Southwestern optometrists can help patients with the following contact lens needs:

  • Bifocal correction
  • Disposable lenses
  • Gas permeable lenses
  • Lenses for correction of astigmatism
  • Multifocal correction
  • Silicone hydrogel lenses (permeable, extended wear)
  • Soft and rigid contacts
  • Specialty contact lenses using custom corneal lenses for regular and irregular corneas (keratoconus, post-surgical, post traumatic), scleral lenses, and prosthetic soft lenses.
  • Therapeutic lens correction
  • Tinted lenses that change or enhance natural eye color