Vision Care (Optometry)

UT Southwestern Medical Center has an on-site optometry clinical practice to provide for total eye health and care. The clinical practice is staffed with a team of optometrists who have access to the latest contact lens technologies. The clinic is conveniently adjacent to UT Southwestern’s Optical Shop, which stocks the latest frames for all eyeglass prescriptions.

Our Optometry program offers:

  • Contact lens prescriptions
  • Full medical eye exams
  • Low vision exams
  • Routine eye exams
  • Sophisticated equipment and the latest technology for vision testing

Optical Shop

Our licensed opticians are trained to help customers with difficult-to-fill-prescriptions, and make the best possible selection of frames using facial and color analysis.

The Optical Shop’s regular inventory features more than 1,000 frames and lens options, including the latest in lens design technology. It stocks famous-maker and designer glasses and sunglasses, cleaning supplies, and other visual accessories, as well as lens materials and medical devices such as ptosis crutches. Opticians can also adjust and repair glasses.