Speech and Language Pathology

UT Southwestern Medical Center provides expert and compassionate care for individuals with voice, speech, language, and swallowing impairments. We provide comprehensive diagnostic and therapeutic services to our patients. Our specialists also provide special care and expertise for those patients with impairments related to head and neck cancer and neurological problems.

UT Southwestern’s speech and language pathologists work with you one-on-one and give you the undivided attention needed to make progress in overcoming your difficulties. Our specialists teach you valuable techniques and strategies to better engage in everyday conversations. We also include your family as part of your care. We discuss with your family members how therapy works to improve your skills, as well as actions they can take to help.

At UT Southwestern, our specialists are sensitive to the special needs of speech-impaired and language-impaired individuals. By working to develop a rapport with you, our specialists help establish an environment that contributes to your success and improves your outlook on the future.