Facial Plastic Surgery

UT Southwestern Medical Center offers expert treatments for all types of facial and cosmetic plastic surgery, including facial reconstruction, repair for facial fractures, aesthetic plastic surgery, craniofacial surgery, and laser surgery.

Our Ear, Nose, and Throat (ENT) specialists are widely respected for their expertise in Botox injections, chin augmentations, eyelid implant tightening, facial reanimation surgery, forehead lifts, rhinoplasty (nose jobs), septoplasty, and turbinate surgery.

UT Southwestern ENT specialists are experts in performing a wide range of cosmetic procedures, including:

Botox injections
Not only for cosmetic purposes, but also for patients with spastic dysphonia (spasms of the vocal cord), facial spasm, and synkinesis (involuntary movement of facial muscles)
Chin augmentation
To enhance the chin and lower border of the jaw for individuals who feel that their chin is too small or may notice that the overall harmony of the face is disrupted
Ear replacement surgery (auricular reconstruction)
To reconstruct the ear for patients who have lost an ear due to an accident, or for children who are born without one or both ears
Eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty)
To reduce folds of skin and reshape the upper and lower eyelids
Facial reanimation surgery
To address loss of movement on one side of the face, which can occur as a result of accidents, Bell’s palsy, infections, surgery, and tumors
Facial sling (static facial suspension)
To lift the corner of the mouth so that balance and physical comfort are restored to the face
Forehead lift (browplasty)
Reshapes the brows and reduces wrinkles, creases and furrows around the forehead and brow area
Muscle transposition
To borrow a working muscle and replace one that is not working, which can be performed to provide a smile on the affected side of the face
Nerve grafting (nerve transposition)
To restore movement to the side of the face that has been paralyzed
Rhinoplasty (nose job)
To reshape the nose and help meet the patient’s expectations
To correct conditions such as deviated septums, which can help alleviate difficulty breathing, bleeding problems, sinus infections, and headaches
Turbinate surgery
To reduce the size of the turbinate, part of the nasal passage, to help eliminate nasal obstructions

Patients needing facial procedures can also be treated by our Plastic Surgery or Dermatology services.