Tinnitus is an undesirable perception of ringing or noise occurring in the ear. The noise is sometimes described as hissing, crickets chirping, crackling, or buzzing.

At least 12 million Americans suffer from tinnitus, and approximately one million of them experience a serious decrease in quality of life, primarily through chronic sleep disturbance.

At UT Southwestern, our clinical audiologists will perform a full spectrum of tests to determine the cause of the unwanted sounds. In many patients the cause remains unknown, and definitive therapy may be lacking even in those with a confirmed diagnosis. Some may respond favorably to medical treatment while some might benefit from surgery. Most patients, however, will require supportive therapy aimed at lessening the impact of the disorder, making it easier to live with. 

Such supportive therapy may include hearing aids, tinnitus maskers, biofeedback, and/or therapy with a psychologist.

UT Southwestern uses a team approach to treat each patient’s specific condition, giving you access to any specialist you might need to return to health.