Cochlear Implants

UT Southwestern Medical Center is widely recognized as a national leader in the use of cochlear implants to treat adults and children with severe to profound hearing loss related to cochlear nerve problems. Our expert and compassionate specialists are respected authorities in the application of cochlear implant technology to restore sound awareness to patients with sensorineural hearing loss.

Our specialists performed the first cochlear implant in the Dallas area, and we perform more of these procedures and receive more National Institutes of Health funding than any other health care facility in the area.

The Dallas Cochlear Implant Program, a collaborative effort of UT Southwestern, Children's Medical Center Dallas, and UT Dallas, brings together our combined knowledge, experience, and resources to advance the science of cochlear implants.

At UT Southwestern, adults and children who are unable to benefit from hearing aids undergo a comprehensive evaluation by a team of specialists, led by an otolaryngologist (ear, nose, and throat physician) who specializes in cochlear implantation. The team incorporates physicians, audiologists, speech pathologists, psychologists, educators, and researchers who work together to determine whether the patient would benefit from a hearing implant.

We also strive to integrate family members into the therapeutic and rehabilitation process.

Our specialists help patients and their families fully understand and evaluate treatment options, including whether the use of bilateral cochlear implants may improve results. Bilateral implants may increase the ability of individuals to understand speech, separate speech from background noise, and better locate the source of sounds.