Gastroduodenal Diseases

UT Southwestern Medical Center treats patients with gastritis, gastroparesis, peptic ulcers, and other disorders involving the stomach and a region of the small intestine called the duodenum.

Our gastroenterologists first evaluate patients who have experienced symptoms, such as abdominal pain, acid reflux/heartburn, or other problems with digestion. After a complete examination, a UT Southwestern specialist may prescribe additional tests, such as an upper gastrointestinal (upper GI) “barium swallow” or an endoscopy procedure, in which a specialist uses a tiny camera to evaluate the stomach and duodenum.

The gastroenterologists then evaluate your medical history, current health, and test results to diagnose the cause of the gastroduodenal illness and design the right treatment plan.

Other gastroduodenal diseases treated at UT Southwestern include:

  • Duodenal ulcers
  • H. pylori infections
  • Intestinal tumors
  • Small intestine tumors
  • Stomach tumors
  • Stomach ulcers

At UT Southwestern, our commitment to providing expert and compassionate care makes an important difference in our patients’ lives and enables them to achieve improved long-term health.