Husbands and Partners Men's Group

Art Bourgeault became a member of the Husbands and Partners Men's Group when his wife Cathy was in cancer treatment. He remains an active member today.

When the woman you love is diagnosed with cancer, it alters her life. But it also alters yours. It is a parallel journey through cancer.

Traditionally, men are expected to be emotionally strong, but watching a loved one battle cancer can be very difficult. From the fear of losing your loved one, to family worries, to financial concerns, it can be overwhelming at times.

Cancer patients have support groups to help them, but where do you go to deal with it all? Husbands and Partners is a support group for men to help you navigate the journey as your wife or partner fights cancer. A place to talk about issues, hopes, and fears with other men who can truthfully say, "I understand."

It is a casual environment, with men addressing many of the same challenges and struggles that you have. It is a place where accomplishments are cheered as well.

Join us for some talk, comfort, understanding, and help as you face one of life's greatest challenges.


  • Ideas to improve balance in our lives (exercise, hobbies, yoga, massage therapy, etc.)
  • Updates on how each of us and our partners are doing
  • Celebrating or coping with Valentine's Day
  • Updates on how each of us and our partners are doing

For more information about our support groups, please call us at 214-645-HOPE (4673).