Endometrial Cancer

Endometrial cancer develops in the lining of the uterus and is sometimes called uterine cancer.

Endometrial Cancer Symptoms

Endometrial cancer can usually be detected early because a common symptom is abnormal vaginal bleeding, which prompts women to seek medical care. 

Other symptoms include:

  • An abnormal, watery, or blood-tinged discharge
  • Pelvic pain
  • Pain during intercourse

Endometrial Cancer Treatment

Your treatment will depend on the characteristics of the cancer, its stage, your general health, and your preferences.

Treatment options include:

  • Surgery – often, if endometrial cancer is detected early, removing the uterus, fallopian tubes, and ovaries eliminates all of the cancer
  • Radiation
  • Chemotherapy

Supporting You Every Step of the Way

At UT Southwestern, care does not stop with treatment of the malignancy. Our team is just as concerned about your nutrition, pain control, and psychological and social adjustments, as well as the impact of cancer on your family.

If you have questions, be sure to talk with your physician or another member of your clinical care team.