Mobile Mammography

UT Southwestern's mobile mammography unit brings high-tech care to your location or event.

UT Southwestern’s Mobile Mammography Program makes state-of-the-art, breast cancer screening convenient to the women throughout North Texas. We travel to workplaces, churches, community outreach events, and other locations, providing highly advanced digital mammography. This technology allows for detailed images of breast tissue to detect cancer early. These safe, reliable mammograms also take less time to perform and use less radiation than traditional film.

The UT Southwestern Mobile Mammography Program is acccredited and certified by the FDA, in accordance with the Mammography Quality Standards Act (MQSA). This means our services meet uniform quality standards applied to mammography facilities across the United States.

Mammograms Save Lives

Mammograms are performed by a licensed mammography technologist. During the screening, the breast is compressed between two plates to flatten and spread the breast tissue. The compression lasts only a few seconds. The entire screening process takes 15 minutes.

Mobile Mammography Screening Results

UT Southwestern breast-imaging radiologists review all mammograms performed on our mobile mammography unit. Results are reliable and confidential. They are sent within 7 to 10 days, along with a personalized letter explaining the results. Results can also be released to a primary care physician, if requested.

Schedule a Mobile Mammography Visit

To schedule the mobile mammography unit to come to your location or event, please call 214-645-2560.