Hospital Stays

Ensuring Your Comfort During Inpatient Cancer Care

Simmons Cancer Center offers world-class cancer care in many locations within UT Southwestern Medical Center. Whether you are seeking treatment or visiting a loved one, we want you to feel welcomed and comfortable.

UT Southwestern is a large campus, and people sometimes find it intimidating. Generally for cancer care, your first appointment will take place at the Simmons Cancer Center (in the Seay Building).

Our Hospitals

Treatment for some cancer patients involves an overnight stay at the hospital, and patients stay at St. Paul University Hospital or Zale Lipshy University Hospital. Both facilities have dedicated inpatient oncology units, and the Simmons Cancer Center outpatient unit is co-located with the St. Paul University Hospital oncology unit. Along with delivering world-class cancer care, Simmons Cancer Center is committed to bringing compassion and convenience to all the patients we serve.

St. Paul University Hospital

St. Paul University Hospital is a 271-bed facility located on the West Campus and in the northwest quadrant of the cloverleaf intersection at Harry Hines Boulevard and Inwood Road.

Zale Lipshy University Hospital

Zale Lipshy University Hospital is a 144-bed facility located on the South Campus adjacent to Parkland Hospital on Harry Hines Boulevard at Medical District Drive.

General Information for Patients and Visitors

We want your visit to UT Southwestern to be as pleasant as possible, and we offer a variety of services for our patients and guests. We hope you will familiarize yourself with our services, and ask questions should they arise.

Many patients and their loved ones tell us they keep with them a small notebook and a pen so they can jot down notes, questions, ideas and reminders whenever the thought occurs.