Dallas Cancer Disparities Community Coalition: Breast Cancer Prevention Education Program II


The breast health education program will leverage ongoing activities throughout Dallas County to seek opportunities for outreach efforts, including church activities, community health fairs, job fairs, cultural events, and neighborhood association meetings and related events.

There are two parts to this program:
1. Primary Prevention Program is done by unTHSC. The educational program and all outreach activities will be coordinated by the lead lay health educator and supported by three lay health educators, who will assist with participant recruitment and retention, delivering the education in these group sessions, and providing one-on-one communication with participants in between the group sessions.

a light physical activity session will be offered as part of the 8 week Primary Prevention Program. Subjects who choose to participate will be given assistance and guidance by a certified fitness instructor. The physical activity sessions will last approximately 20-30 minutes. Participation is voluntary.
These staff will coordinate with the secondary prevention team at Moncrief Cancer institute who will assist participants with scheduling a mammogram and with navigating the system through any follow-up activities.

2. The Secondary Prevention Program done by Moncrief Cancer institute, will provide screening mammography and nurse navigation to symptomatic women to diagnostic resolution.

Participant Eligibility

1. Females at least 40 years of age
2. No personal history of cancer
3. Speak either English or Spanish
4. Resident of Dallas County
5. No screening mammogram in prior 12 month period