Feasibility Study using Imaging Biomarkers in Lung Cancer


The overall objective will be achieved with the successful completion of the following specific aims carried out on 92 patients over 4 years, all of whom have positive CT's with nodules 1 cm or larger. First, we hope to test the feasibility of this protocol by performing the trial in 10 patients over the next year.
aim 1. Determine the individual and combined diagnostic performance of, dynamic contrast enhanced MRi (DCeMRi), and diffusion weighted MRi (DWMRi) in a cohort of patients with positive findings on screening low dose CT.

aim 2. employ C-13 isotopomer analysis and metabolomics on specimens obtained from resected tissue of suitable patients in this cohort to determine the metabolic alterations present in lung cancer.

aim 3. evaluate the association between the results of the approaches outlined in aims 1 and 2 with the results of FDG PeT and histopathology (both conventional histopathology and immuno-histochemical staining) on the same patient cohort.

Participant Eligibility

1. Patients of all races and ethnic origins over 18 years of age
2. Patients must have suspicious or known to be malignant solitary pulmonary nodule at least 1 cm in size.