Bariatric Surgery Preparation

In preparation for surgery, UT Southwestern Medical Center bariatric specialists will meet with you to discuss preoperative and postoperative details.

Psychological Evaluation

Prior to surgery, you'll meet with a pyschologist for an evaluation and testing to prepare you for the diet and exercise requirements essential to successful weight-loss management.

Preoperative Diet

Two weeks before surgery, you will be required to adhere to a pre-operation fast that consists of drinking high-protein shakes and one sensible meal every day.

Day Before Surgery Meal

The day before surgery, you'll be on a full liquid diet that consists of high-protein shakes and zero-calorie beverages.

In addition to complying with the pre-operative diet, all patients are encouraged to exercise.

It is essential to carefully follow diet and exercise guidelines before surgery and prepare for a regimented diet after surgery.

Partners in Success

Our registered dietitians and physical therapists will work with you to develop individual meal plans and fitness goals before and after surgery.

Patients are encouraged to speak with others who have undergone weight-loss surgery to better understand the benefits and long-term lifestyle changes that must be made.