Clinical Trials

UT Southwestern cancer physicians and scientists are continually pursuing new diagnostic tools and treatments in studies ranging from small preliminary investigations to large multicenter trials. These efforts are important to extend survival and improve the prognosis for people with pancreatic cancer, which is among the most aggressive and deadly of malignancies.

Current research includes studies that seek to:

  • Develop new chemotherapy agents that precisely target cancer cells or the cellular machinery that allows them to grow and spread;
  • Detect and diagnose pancreatic cancer earlier;
  • Test and evaluate surgical techniques that could ease recovery and improve outcomes;
  • Optimize the effectiveness of radiation therapy.

As one of the nation’s leading academic medical centers, UT Southwestern offers a broad array of clinical trials aimed at improving the outcomes for patients with various stages of pancreatic cancer. See our current clinical trials.

Patients who qualify and choose to participate in one of our clinical trials may receive promising new therapies months or even years before they are available to the public, providing hope for better outcomes and improving care for all patients.

If you are interested in being considered for a pancreatic cancer clinical trial, talk to your UT Southwestern physician or the contact associated with a specific trial.

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