Personalized Care Throughout the Journey

With an accurate diagnosis and the right care, leukemia can be managed successfully – and even cured.

At UT Southwestern Medical Center, our skilled leukemia experts diagnose and treat patients with every type of leukemia. Offering the most sophisticated technologies and science-based therapies, our team delivers comprehensive leukemia care that is unmatched in the region.

Part of the Harold C. Simmons Comprehensive Cancer Center – the only National Cancer Institute-designated program in North Texas – our multidisciplinary leukemia team partners with every patient to develop an individualized course of care. From diagnosis to treatment and beyond, our experienced and caring leukemia specialists will be by your side throughout your journey.

The Harold C. Simmons Comprehensive Cancer Center at UT Southwestern in Dallas.
The Harold C. Simmons Comprehensive Cancer Center at UT Southwestern in Dallas delivers leading-edge care to leukemia patients and their families.

The UT Southwestern Difference

At UT Southwestern, we strive for early detection and accurate diagnoses – both critical to successful leukemia treatment. Our multidisciplinary team of leukemia specialists deliver coordinated, state-of-the-art treatments.

Highlights of our leukemia program include:

  • The leading survival rate for adult allogeneic stem cell (bone marrow) transplants in Texas
  • Molecular therapies that target disease-causing cell mutations
  • An innovative stem-cell transplantation process that replaces harmful cells with immune cells designed to attack the cancer cells
  • Adoptive immunotherapies, which manipulate patients’ or donors’ immune systems to more effectively fight cancer cells
  • The latest evidence-based chemotherapies and radiation therapies
  • The most advanced imaging technologies available
  • Access to clinical trials of the most promising new leukemia treatments not yet available to the public
  • Hematopathologists, physician-scientists specially trained to identify and classify blood cancers

We also offer a range of support services to help patients and families through leukemia treatment and beyond, including:

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Meet Our Leukemia Experts

UT Southwestern’s skilled leukemia specialists provide expert, patient-centered care.