Radiation Therapy for Gynecologic Cancer

Radiation therapy is an essential treatment for most gynecologic cancers, whether it’s used as a primary/curative treatment or postoperatively, as an adjuvant therapy.

UT Southwestern maintains a state-of-the-art brachytherapy suite dedicated to the treatment of cancers of the female reproductive system. Image-guided brachytherapy is very effective at killing gynecologic tumors while preserving the surrounding organs.

In the brachytherapy procedure, various applicators are inserted while the patient is under anesthesia. These applicators temporarily conduct a radioactive source to targeted tumor areas with a high level of precision. 

The direct implantation of needles into a tumor is an often complex procedure that requires a specialist to perform. In addition to our dedicated radiation oncologist, who is an expert at the procedure, a team of gynecologic nurses, therapists, and anesthesiologists care for our gynecologic patients.