Radiation Therapy for Genitourinary Cancer

UT Southwestern has one of the most advanced programs in the country for the radiation therapy treatment of genitourinary cancers. Our radiation oncologists work closely with urologists, medical oncologists, and other cancer specialists to bring about the best possible outcome for the treatment of cancers of the prostate, bladder, kidney, penis, urinary tract, and testes.

Our physicians pioneered the five-treatment stereotactic regimen for early- and intermediate-risk prostate cancer that is being adopted at many progressive centers worldwide. We’re now evaluating the regimen for the treatment of even high-risk prostate cancer patients. The stereotactic approach is also being applied effectively to treat small kidney cancers and a deadly complication of kidney cancers in which the tumor extends into the veins (inferior vena cava tumor thrombus).

Additionally, our physicians are leading an effort to combine stereotactic radiation therapy with immunotherapy – to, in effect, educate the body’s own immune system to react against metastatic prostate and kidney cancers.