Gorlin Syndrome/NBCCS

People with Gorlin syndrome/nevoid basal cell carcinoma syndrome (NBCCS) develop multiple skin cancers, specifically basal cell carcinomas, usually by the time they reach 30. They are also at risk for developing medulloblastoma, a specific type of brain tumor.

NBCCS is characterized by multiple jaw cysts, larger than average head size, a unique brain finding called calcification of the falx, and pits in the palms of the hands.

Finding out if you have NBCCS can decrease your risk of developing cancer by helping health care providers identify tumors before they cause problems, even if you are already being followed for skin cancer.

Each child of an individual with NBCCS has a 50 percent chance of having NBCCS.

One of our cancer genetic counselors can work with you to figure out your risk, and possibly offer genetic testing to clarify who in your family has NBCCS.