Brain Tumors

Brain tumors – the growth of abnormal cells in the brain – can be benign or malignant. When these tumors are malignant, they are a type of cancer. Malignant brain tumors can spread quickly if not treated as soon as possible.


Malignant brain tumors can be primary, meaning they started in the brain, or secondary, having started in other areas of the body such as the breast or lung. When a brain tumor spreads from another area, it’s known as a brain metastasis. At UT Southwestern Medical Center, we treat a large number of patients with brain metastases.

Treatments for brain cancer includes:

  • Surgery for large tumors or those causing neurologic symptoms
  • Focused radiation, including Gamma Knife for smaller tumors
  • Whole brain radiation to prevent cancer from metastasizing to or recurring in the brain

Clinical Trials

In addition to patient-centered programs designed to treat malignant brain tumors, UT Southwestern hosts within the Annette Strauss Center for Neuro-oncology a number of clinical and basic science research programs dedicated to providing better and more effective treatment options for patients in the future.

Many patients are offered an opportunity to support this research effort, either by donating tumor tissue at the time of surgery or by actually participating in clinical or basic science research trials.

Dedicated physicians, surgeons, and scientists at UT Southwestern Medical Center provide patients with the latest treatments available for brain tumors, and, through clinical research, we are developing better treatments for those tumors that cannot be cured or controlled at the present time.

Experience You Can Trust

We treat a large number of patients with malignant brain tumors each year, and it is clear that clinical outcomes are better at high-volume centers than at low-volume centers. As one of only two NCI-designated Comprehensive Cancer Centers in the state of Texas (and the only one in North Texas), UT Southwestern is a national leader in delivering state-of-the-art cancer care.

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