Exercise Cardiac Function in Long Term Breast Cancer Survivors

Study ID
STU 112016-029

Study Sites

  • UT Southwestern Moncrieff Cancer Center

Sheryl Livingston

Principal Investigator
Satyam Sarma, M.D.


older female breast cancer survivors previously treated with anthracycline chemotherapy will have significantly lower peak Vo2 and cardiac output compared to age and activity-matched healthy females. in turn, the reduced cardiac output will be due to a decrease in LV end-diastolic volume and stroke volume and concomitant increase in LV end-systolic volume.

Specific aim:
To test our hypothesis, we will study older ([GreaterThanorequalTo]60 years) female breast cancer survivors previously treated ([GreaterThanorequalTo] 5 years) with antracycline chemotherapy, and age and activity-matched healthy sedentary women. We will perform a cardiopulmonary exercises test with acetylene rebreathing (to measure cardiac output), and resting and exercise echocardiography (to measure LV volumes, systolic and diastolic function).

Participant Eligibility

Thirteen breast cancer survivors will be recruited from Drs. Rao and Haley[Single Quote]s UT Southwestern Breast Cancer Survivorship clinics who meet the following criteria: 1) >=60 years of age; 2) histologically confirmed early-stage breast cancer; 3) Completion of anthracycline chemotherapy >=5 years. We will also recruit 13 age and activity-matched female healthy controls. Healthy controls will have no history of chronic medical conditions (hypertension, diabetes, asthma, COPD, renal disease, coronary artery disease).