Parkinson's Disease Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation is a key element of an effective Parkinson’s disease (PD) treatment plan. Exercise programs can help people with Parkinson’s disease stay active and relatively limber and improve balance and motor coordination, as well as manage the long-term impact of the disease.

Whether your symptoms are mild or severe, all Parkinson’s patients benefit from an exercise program. Our rehabilitation specialists provide compassionate, individualized rehabilitation therapies that can help ease symptoms and may even slow the progression of the disease.

We work closely with our psychiatry and speech, physical, and occupational therapy teams to provide you with individualized and comprehensive care. Our rehabilitation team includes nurses, neuropsychologists, psychologists, and occupational, physical, recreational, and speech therapists. This team approach to rehabilitation allows you to benefit from a comprehensive program that addresses every aspect of the disease.

What to Expect

Our exercise and rehabilitation program helps you to again take part in activities at work, home, and in your community. And our vocational therapists can help with employment-related adjustments, including assistance in adapting to your work environment.

Exercise is recommended from the very earliest stages of the disease. Early on, patients may benefit from joining a gym and having a personal trainer develop an exercise program for them. In patients with moderate to advanced PD, professional physical therapy is recommended and can be done at UT Southwestern or at a physical therapy center near your home. In all cases, the exercise program should be customized for your particular needs and abilities to ensure safety and effectiveness.

We give family members information to help them contribute to your successful rehabilitation, too, including them in discussions about the goals of your rehabilitation program and offering numerous services such as psychological counseling, support groups, and educational programs to you and your family.

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