Preparing for Your Surgery

If you and your doctors decide neurosurgery is the best treatment for your condition, you might be nervous and wondering what will happen. Here are some tips for preparing for your surgery.

Your neurosurgeon will meet with you a few days before your surgery for a pre-operative assessment. The neurosurgeon will advise you on what to expect, when you take your medications, when to eat the night before, and when to arrive at the hospital. Your doctor will also prescribe any other prescriptions needed prior to the surgery, and go over individualized details to prepare you for your procedure. Your doctor will answer all of your questions and ease your fears.

Your neurosurgeon may send you to various doctors to be cleared for surgery. That could include your regular physician or a cardiologist to make sure you’re healthy enough for surgery and anesthesia. They’ll check your blood pressure and perform some tests, which may include blood and urine tests, or an electrocardiogram.

A financial specialist is available to work with you to go over your insurance coverage and billing questions.

All neurosurgeries are performed at Zale Lipshy University Hospital, 5151 Harry Hines Blvd. The hospital features all private rooms, except in the intensive care unit.

During your surgery, your family may wait in a waiting area. We will keep your family informed of your progress. Your family is welcome to visit you during your hospital stay. We offer guest trays for family members who want to eat with you in your room, plus a cafeteria and gift shop. Valet parking is offered for a nominal fee.