UT Southwestern offers both nonsurgical and surgical treatment for moyamoya disease.

Doctors and hospitals throughout the state and surrounding areas refer their moyamoya patients to us because of the moyamoya treatment options we offer.

We have three neurosurgeons who perform the treatment procedures associated with moyamoya. This makes UT Southwestern unique; because moyamoya is quite rare, many institutions are unable to offer care or may have only one neurosurgeon who’s qualified to treat it.

Surgical Treatments

Our neurosurgeons are skilled in revascularization, which are surgical procedures to restore blood flow to the affected areas of the brain. Our experience has helped us achieve a high success rate with these options, which offer the best possible approach to treat advanced moyamoya. These procedures include:

  • Indirect bypass – The goal of an indirect bypass procedure is to gradually restore blood flow to the brain. This involves removing a portion of the skull to access the superficial temporal artery, known as the scalp artery, and dissecting several inches of it. We then lay the separated section onto the brain, where it eventually sprouts new blood vessels that supply the brain with oxygen.
  • Direct bypass – If a patient’s condition is progressing rapidly and there’s not enough time to let an indirect bypass mature, a direct bypass procedure is performed. We can also convert an indirect bypass into a direct bypass when necessary. A direct bypass procedure involves opening the skull, as well as the dura (the outermost membrane enveloping the brain), and connecting the superficial temporal artery to the middle cerebral artery. This immediately reroutes and increases blood flow in the brain.


After surgery, you’ll spend recovery time in our neurocritical care unit and begin seeing our rehabilitation specialists as soon as you’re ready. Rehabilitation may include physical, psychological, occupational, or speech therapy, depending on your symptoms and whether or not you’ve suffered a stroke.

At UT Southwestern, we offer a dedicated neurorehabilitation unit for brain disorder patients. Our goal is to help you return to the highest level of function and independence possible.

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