Epilepsy Monitoring Unit

Dr. Ryan Hays, EMU Medical Director, and Jennifer Griffin, EMU Manager, test the monitoring equipment in the new Zale Lipshy University Hospital Epilepsy Monitoring Unit.

UT Southwestern recently opened a new, state-of-the-art, eight-bed Epilepsy Monitoring Unit (EMU) at Zale Lipshy University Hospital to serve the thousands of patients in North Texas and beyond, whose lives are affected by seizures. The EMU enhances our Epilepsy Team’s ability to care for patients with uncontrolled seizures.

Once admitted to the EMU, a patient receives a comprehensive evaluation using continuous digital video recording by dual cameras in each patient room.

Ryan Hays. M.D.
EMU Medical Director

“Our focus is to find the best treatment for each patient,” said epilepsy and sleep disorder specialist Dr. Ryan Hays, Assistant Professor of Neurology and Neurotherapeutics and Medical Director of the EMU. “If we can treat epilepsy with medication, that’s what we want to do; but if medications have been unsuccessful, a comprehensive evaluation in the EMU is necessary to determine the origin of the patient’s seizures.”

Our team-based approach means that we are able to continuously monitor our EMU patients in order to refine diagnoses and respond in real time to a patient's needs as a seizure occurs. The diagnostic testing can lead to a new seizure treatment plan with the goal of reducing a patient’s seizure burden and improving quality of life.

For more information about the EMU or our treatments for epilepsy, please contact us at 214-645-8300.

Watch now to take a look inside our new Epilepsy Monitoring Unit at Zale Lipshy University Hospital.