Epilepsy & Seizures Comprehensive Evaluation and Treatment

At UT Southwestern, we have established one of largest epilepsy teams in Texas, specializing in care for adult and pediatric patients. Our expertise is a personalized approach to care, with experience in pinpointing the causes of seizures and effective treatments to control them.

Leading-Edge Care to Manage Seizures

Epilepsy and seizures can affect the brain in different ways. As a result, our specialists provide a comprehensive range of treatment options, including the latest medications, surgery, and emerging therapies. Guiding patients through personalized treatment strategies that balance quality-of-life considerations is key to our approach to care. We offer access to:

  • Built-in “second opinions” from a broad range of specialists in epilepsy, who meet as a team to evaluate treatment options for patients
  • New state-of-the art epilepsy monitoring unit (EMU), equipped with the latest technology to assist our medical team in evaluating patients with seizures
  • Intracranial EEG, including robot-assisted stereo EEG to identify areas in the brain responsible for seizures
  • Availability of broad range of medications, including new alternatives to treat seizures
  • Advanced treatment methods, such as neuro-stimulation, laser ablation surgery for minimally invasive treatment, and surgical resection
  • Emerging therapies. Our neurologists are among the first epilepsy experts in the United States to apply autoimmune neurology to treat seizures. Autoimmunity is a previously unrecognized cause of epilepsy, but could affect more than 20 percent of patients, particularly those with pharmaco-resistant seizures (seizures that cannot be managed by medications).

Experts in Treating a Full Spectrum of Epilepsy and Seizure Disorders

UT Southwestern neurologists, who are trained in treating epilepsy, lead care teams together with specialists in neurosurgery, neuro-radiology, and neuro-psychology, along with our advanced practice providers, nurses, and EEG technologists. We offer diagnostic and treatment capabilities for a wide range of needs, including patients with:

  • Recently diagnosed epilepsy
  • Uncontrollable or treatment-resistant seizures, those not responding to medications
  • Spells, seizures, or similar events not diagnosed as epilepsy
  • Plans to become pregnant, or expecting a baby, while taking medications for epilepsy
  • Seizures resulting from or complicated by traumatic brain injuries and concussions, strokes and other cerebrovascular conditions, sleep disorders, and other conditions (other than epilepsy)
  • Complex health care needs related to epilepsy

Our specialists are affiliated with Level 4 Epilepsy Centers (through Parkland Health and Children’s Health). This is the highest designation possible, with recognition is through the National Association of Epilepsy Centers.

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Patients and referring physicians may contact us at 214-645-8300 for an initial evaluation or second opinion.