Prevention and Hygiene
Go Hand in Hand

UT Southwestern Medical Center uses advanced training and treatments to defeat even the most complex diseases. Yet, one of the most effective preventive measures is something incredibly simple: washing our hands.

UT Southwestern has demonstrated a consistently high record of excellence in hand-hygiene compliance. Last year, we achieved our highest score yet – more than 95 percent compliance, one of the highest reported in the United States.

Hand washing is everyone's responsibility. We have created the following music video to engage our employees, patients, and the community to "Lather Up."

Take a look. 

New & Noteworthy

Annually, more than 2 million hospital patients nationwide acquire an infection during their stay. Many of these infections can be prevented with attention to hand hygiene. 

Coming Clean About Our Video

We'd like to thank our multitalented faculty and staff who learned the "Lather Up" tut with the guidance of Julian Daniels (JayFunk), a professional dancer and disc jockey, to get people excited about hand washing. The bloopers and credits video below acknowledges the cast and crew involved in the production.