Surgery Best Practices

UT Southwestern Medical Center has a longstanding tradition of excellence in providing surgical care to patients. State-of-the-art facilities and a large team of skilled physicians allow UT Southwestern to offer surgical treatments ranging from routine outpatient procedures to the most complex operations.

UT Southwestern closely monitors several “core measures” – considered medical “best practices” in surgical care – to ensure we are meeting recommended guidelines.

Compare UT Southwestern’s scores with state and national averages for the following core measures:

Best Practices/Core MeasuresUT Southwestern University Hospitals

Inpatient Surgery Patients Who Were Given an Antibiotic Within One Hour Before Surgery

Inpatient Surgery Patients Who Were Given the Right Kind of Antibiotic

Surgery Patients Whose Preventive Antibiotics Were Stopped Within 24 Hours After Surgery

Patients Who Received Treatment at the Right Time to Prevent Blood Clots After Certain Types of Surgery

Surgery Patients Taking Beta Blockers Who Were Kept on the Drug Before and After Surgery

Surgery Patients Whose Urinary Catheter Was Removed the First or Second Day After Surgery