How UTSW Ensures Patient Safety – Perinatal Care Measures – Percent of Newborns Whose Deliveries Were Scheduled Too Early When a Scheduled Delivery Was Not Medically Necessary

Why Is This Important?

Studies have shown that it is best to wait until the 39th complete week of pregnancy to deliver a baby because final development of the baby’s brain and lungs occurs in the last few weeks of pregnancy. There are times when a delivery is scheduled before the 39th week based on the convenience of the mother or the doctor. These early deliveries have been shown to result in short-term newborn complications that may require a stay in the neonatal intensive care unit. Therefore, these early unnecessary deliveries should not occur.

Percent of Deliveries that are Unnecessarily Early

 What Does This Graph Show? 

This graph shows the percentage of pregnant women who elected to deliver 1 to 3 weeks early (either vaginally or by C-section) when the early delivery was not medically necessary at UT Southwestern compared to Texas and U.S. hospitals. For this measure, a lower number is better. UTSW scores much better than average for this measure